Best Law Firms in Sheridan Wyoming

There are a few good law practices in the Sheridan, Wyoming area. I will list a few that my family and friends have used and have had good luck with them. Some are hard to find if you’re not from the area.
For auto accidents that lead to wrongful death, or injuries, or even motorcycle accidents, then Geisenfeld Law Offices LLC is the best in the area. Their office has been in the community for twenty-five years. They are located at 132 N. Barron St in Sheridan, Wyoming.

For criminal defense lawyers, there are a few in the area that people like to use; one of the best is K. Brent Copeland Law Office, located at 115 W. Main St in Sheridan. He handles probate matters and criminal law. He was a former Preble County assistant prosecuting attorney. I have had a few friends use him and always had good luck. He knows how the courts run here in Sheridan County. Especially when it comes to estate planning in Wyoming. 

The Thomas Law Office has a good reputation in the community. They have a combine legal experience of forty-three years. They do criminal defense and civil matters, like wills, divorce, custody, and child support. They are located at 112 N. Barron St. in Sheridan, Wyoming.

Now Hubler Charles D. CO LPA is good for probate, estate planning, and living trusts, because that’s all they specialize in. My grandparents used them to help set up their wills. They are located at 201 S. Barron St in Sheridan.

Ross A L Attorney is one that most people use around the area. My brother has used him throughout the years. He deals with a lot, like divorce, wills, personal injury, and criminal law. He is located at 1614 E. US 35 Sheridan, Wyoming.

There are other law offices in the area, but these are the best. They may not be the cheapest around, but they are worth the money if you want good results.

Florida Medicaid Fraud: Tax Dollars Going to Crooks

Acorn got plenty and now may have pay for it. In Florida the budget must be balanced according to law. Seems like a good law for the Federal Budget. Again I think a federal lottery would help that problem. In Florida Medicaid fraud cost the state and federal government millions yearly. From 2008-2009 fiscal year the Florida attorney general’s office and other agencies recovered $168 million from Medicaid fraud.

I personally have seen a doctor charge $100 from a cash patient and charge Medicare $168 for the same type office visit just to get a prescription, plus my co-payment of $25 when other doctors charge $20 co-pay. In Georgia there are 36 full time employees to work in the Medicaid fraud unit and on patient abuse. In Florida Medicaid fraud can cost hundreds of millions yearly and generally comes from doctors, dentist, clinics and other healthcare providers, by overbilling or billing for services never preformed. And doctors complain they do not make enough and healthcare cost too much already. No reform may be needed if fraud was not being done by doctors. In Florida fraud can be reported by phone, internet, on mail. Try to get as much info as possible. Get the name of the person committing fraud, date of the service, amount of money involved and a description of the act also any other info you may have. The statewide hotline number is 1-866-966-7226

Unlike Medicare, Medicaid is a joint federal and state funded program, adopted by Congress in 1965. And ever since has been choked full of fraud. Florida recovered $458,000 in a civil settlement over transportation services never given. The transportation company’s records showed from 2003-2004 they were paid $423,000 for services never rendered. And that is only a drop in the bucket. Pursuant to the Florida False Claims Act, companies that submit fraudulent claims for payment to the state Medicaid program may be liable for treble the amount of damages sustained by the state, plus a penalty of $5,500 to $11,000 for each false claim.

With the fraud in Medicare, Medicaid, and Acorn as well as other government agencies and programs one might think that all of government is loaded with fraud. And doctors and hospitals and other healthcare service providers are also crooked besides making thousands of mistakes yearly that maim or kill patients. I may not be proud of our government overall especially the present administration but I am proud to be an American where one can write or voice their opinion. Everyone should be aware and try to catch these crooks bilking state and federal governments through false Medicaid claims.