Heritage Wealth Management CEO Marcus Schrenker Tried to Fake His Own Death in a Plane Crash, Authorities Say

Authorities believe Heritage Wealth Management CEO Marcus Schrenker may have tried to fake his own death. The AP reports that Marcus Schrenker, of Indiana, may have made a fabricated a distress call and then parachuted safely near Birmingham, Alabama. Marcus Schrenker made the distress calls and when the air traffic controllers could no longer make contact military jets were sent. The military pilots noticed the cockpit door was open before it crashed. When invocators got to the plane, there was absolutely no sign of Marcus Schrenker or traces of blood. The sherrif’s office believes that the plane may have intentionally been crashed.


Marcus Schrenker may have been spotted over 200 miles away in Santa Rosa by police. A man who had Marcus’s ID was found by police. The man said he had been in a canoe accident. Police were unaware of the plane crash in Birmingham. He vanished from a hotel before police realized who he was.

Just a few day prior to the crash he had a half a million dollar judgment against his company. The day prior to the crash his wife filled for divorce.

In December 2008, Heritage Wealth Management CEO Marcus Schrenker posted a video showing aerobatic airplane stunts. In the you tube video Marcus Schrenker does a pass under the Atlantis resort bridge. You can clearly see from his video how experienced he was as a pilot. You can watch his video here he posted on youtube.

If Marcus Schrenker did indeed try to fake his own death he is not the first person to try. One of the more famous people who allegely tried to fake death is William Shakespeare. Christopher Marlowe faked his own death and became who we know as William Shakespeare. You can read more on Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare here. This theory has never been completely proven.

In March 2002, a UK citizen named John Darwin successfully faked his own death in a canoe accident. John Darwin and his wife Anne faked the death due to bankruptcy charges. Anne Darwin got the life insurance money after John was declared dead at sea. In December 2007 John Darwin walked into a police station claiming to be a missing person. In July 2008 both John and Anne Darwin were given 6 years in jail for multiple charges in his fake death case. You can read a complete report on the telegraph UK website.

John Sung Park of California may have also tried to fake his own death. On September 11th John Sung Park was out diving in Laguna Beach. When he was no where to be found, divers whom he was with reported him missing. KTLA reports John may have faked his own death to avoid charges on September 15th. Two weeks he went missing he apparently tried to buy a car back he sold days before his disappearance. John Sung Park has never been found.